Jewish parenting site KVELLER talks PTSD, advice from Dr. Eger

kveller article

Kveller, a popular source for Jewish parenting tips, tricks, and lifestyle hacks, featured Dr. Eger and her memoir “The Choice.” Writer Joanna C. Valente focused on Eger’s history with trauma and her experiences working with the U.S. military.  Of Dr. Eger, Valente calls her “groundbreaking,” saying that she “paved the road for treatment of trauma survivors.” Edie’s momentum continues!

 The military is really difficult. They tell you, “Military comes first, and family comes second.” When I’ve worked with military with PTSD, they tell me two things: “We were put in [a] place we weren’t prepared for. We were told one thing and found another.” When we get angry, we aren’t angry at what is happening. We are angry because our expectations aren’t met. Dr. Edith for Kveller