Dr. Eger talks tackling PTSD and the war on Iraq in Broadly interview

Broadly. Interviews Dr. Eger

Broadly. (yes, with a period!), an imprint of renowned digital platform Vice, is devoted to representing the woman’s experience. In an interview with Dr. Eger, reporter Mitchell Sunderland explores Edie’s perspectives on PTSD, trauma, and the similarities between Holocaust survivors and soldiers fighting the war in Iraq.

The Choice uses Eger’s journey to teach readers how they, too, can triumph over trauma. —Mitchell Sunderland on Dr. Eger’s “The Choice”

Dr. Eger has devoted decades to giving back to the U.S. military that saved her life, through extensive PTSD therapy, visits to military establishments across America, and by serving as a consultant for the U.S. Army and Navy.

Thank you, Broadly. for showcasing Edie and her message!