The Choice

I can’t imagine a more important message for modern times. Eger’s book is a triumph, and should be read by all who care about both their inner freedom and the future of humanity. —LORI GOTTLIEB, New York Times Book Review

THE CHOICE: Embrace the Possible—A Memoir by Dr. Edith Eger

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Internationally acclaimed psychologist Dr. Edith Eger—one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors—tells her unforgettable story in this moving testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of choice in our lives.

At the age of sixteen, Edith Eger, a trained ballet dancer and gymnast, was sent to Auschwitz. Hours after her parents were sent to the gas chamber, the “Angel of Death,” Nazi officer Dr. Josef Mengele, forced Edie to dance for his amusement—and her survival. He rewarded her with a loaf of bread that she shared with her fellow prisoners—an act of generosity that would later save her life.

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Edie and her sister survived multiple death camps and the death march. When the American troops liberated the camps in 1945 they found Edie barely alive in a pile of corpses.

Edie spent decades struggling with flashbacks and survivor’s guilt, determined to stay silent and hide from the past. She raised a family, studied and practiced psychology, and refused to speak about her experiences during the war. Thirty-Five years after the war ended Edie returned to Auschwitz and was finally able to fully heal and forgive the one person she’d been unable to forgive for years. Not Hitler. Not Josef Mengele. Herself.

Today, at ninety years old, Edie is a renowned psychologist and speaker who specializes in treating patients suffering from traumatic stress disorders. She demonstrates, in her life and professional practice, how freedom from trauma, grief, and fear becomes possible once we confront our suffering and make the choice to heal.

The Choice is more than a memoir. It is an inspiration. Dr. Eger weaves her remarkable personal account of surviving the Holocaust and overcoming its ghosts of anger, shame, and guilt with the moving stories of those she has helped heal. She explores how we can be imprisoned within our own minds and shows us how to find the key to freedom. A wise, compassionate, life-changing book, The Choice will inspire and provide comfort to generations of readers.

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Early praise for The Choice...
“Edith Eva Eger is my kind of hero. She survived unspeakable horrors and brutality; but rather than let her painful past destroy her, she chose to transform it into a powerful gift – one she uses to help others heal. “
—JEANNETTE WALLS, New York Times bestselling author of The Glass Castle

“The Choice is a gift to humanity.  One of those rare and eternal stories that you don’t want to end and that leave you forever changed. Dr. Eger’s life reveals our capacity to transcend even the greatest of horrors and to use that suffering for the benefit of others.  She has found true freedom and forgiveness and shows us how we can as well.”
—DESMOND TUTU, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“A poignantly crafted memoir…a searing, astute study of intensive healing and self-acceptance through the absolution of suffering and atrocity.”
– KIRKUS, starred review

“A more important book for our times is hard to imagine.”

“A treasure . . . one of those rare page-turning books that will leave the reader fundamentally changed.”
—HARRIET LERNER, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of The Dance of Anger

“Written with passion and depths . . . Offers unique insights into the very nature of human suffering and the capacity for healing. Comparisons to Man’s Search for Meaning are natural, but this work is even more bold.”      
  —MICHAEL BERENBAUM, former project director, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

“Edie Eger’s WWII-era experiences and her subsequent growth and life path is an incredible journey and victory of the human soul over the pain of human degradation.”
—STEPHEN ROBINSON, CEO, MAGIS Group LLC, specialist in  Optimal Performance under Stress (OPS) training

“In the years of my work in the trauma field no one has inspired and encouraged me more than Dr. Eger. . . . I am confident this book will have an enduring impact for a very wide audience.”
—U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.) CHARLES W. HOGE, MD

“In this extraordinary chronicle of heroism and healing, Dr. Eger shows us how to escape the prisons of our own minds . . . Millions of people can learn from Dr. Eger’s inspiring cases and shocking personal story as well as her profound clinical wisdom to heal their lives.”
   —PHILIP ZIMBARDO, PhD, Stanford professor emeritus of psychology and New York Times bestselling author of The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

“I would take Edie Eger on an op with me any day.”
—U.S. Navy SEALs Commander (Ret.) MARK DIVINE, bestselling author of The Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind

“I have learned from this gifted human being, this indomitable survivor, this accomplished therapist, more about humanity and suffering and resilience than from all my advanced degrees. This effervescent, brawny nanogenarian has more than a story to tell, a therapy to offer, a journey to guide; she brings us to a new way of being.”  
      —Dr. ROBERT KOFFMAN, former Director of Psychological Health, U.S. Navy

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