“The Choice” Wins 2017 National Jewish Book Award

The Choice: Embrace the Possible by Dr. Edith Eva Eger wins the National Jewish Book Award in the Krauss Family’s Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir category.

The National Jewish Book Awards is the longest-running awards program of its kind and were established by the Jewish Book Council in 1950 in order to recognize outstanding works of Jewish literature. The winners of the 2017 National Jewish Book Awards were honored on March 6, 2018 at a gala awards dinner and ceremony at the Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan.

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Katie Couric Stops By to Chat About “The Choice”

Katie Couric visits Edie

Dr. Eger received a welcomed visitor recently; the exquisite and renowned Katie Couric! She visited Edie in her La Jolla home and the pair chatted about Edie’s life and memoir The Choice.

To check out Katie’s take on the pleasant morning, visit her Instagram post here.

We’re so thrilled that Edie’s story is reaching so far and wide!

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Book People Discussion and Signing a Huge Success

Edie at Book People

Dr. Eger made her way to Austin, TX to speak at Austin’s largest independent bookseller, Book People. With over 200 attendees and even more books sold online (and even internationally), Edie had a wonderful time sharing her story with all around. She was in-conversation with Austin’s NPR Station, KUT and its own Jennifer Stayton.

Book People Flyer

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Book People crowd
Edie’s crowd at Book People event

New York Times calls THE CHOICE a “Triumph” and “Mind-blowing”

New York Times Book Review | Lori Gottlieb

The New York Times Book Review has published a marvelous review of “The Choice” in today’s October 8th issue. NYT Best-selling author and writer Lori Gottlieb offers extraordinary praise for Edie and her memoir “The Choice,” including this glowing quote:

 I can’t imagine a more important message for modern times. Eger’s book is a triumph, and should be read by all who care about both their inner freedom and the future of humanity.

Titled The Power to Heal, Gottlieb captures Edie’s message of forgiveness and the ability to choose in her starred review, recognizing how pertinent this story is in the current national climate. To read Gottlieb’s full New York Times review, visit here or pick up your copy at your local news seller today!

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Australia and New Zealand Enamored with “The Choice”

Australian Women's Weekly

Dr. Eger has been extremely well-received across the Atlantic. Her bestselling memoir “The Choice: Embrace the Possible” is #2 in New Zealand, and has had multiple features such as her interview with the NZ Nine to Noon radio show, which is currently the most listened-to podcast on NZ’s National Radio, as well as a digital feature for the NZ Herald and a four page feature spread in Australia’s #1 magazine, The Australian Women’s Weekly with interviewer and AWW editor, Juliet Riedan.

We’re so pleased that Edie’s story is being embraced by so many! To purchase your copy of “The Choice” visit your favorite bookseller online or in-store today. Amazon | B&N

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Irish Times calls The Choice a “story of afterwards” in Heartfelt Interview

Irish Times Print with Rider version of "The Choice"

The Irish Times published a wonderful article from established author Arminta Wallace, discussing everything from Edie’s memoir “The Choice” and her decision to find joy to marching with Martin Luther King and building her family in America.

“Then I began to think – if I’m gonna live, I need to be for something. Not just against something, but for life. And for being a functional human being.” — Dr. Eger for Irish Times


Influential Author and Thought Leader Adam Grant Touts THE CHOICE

[THE CHOICE] is a truly beautiful memoir on freedom by a Holocaust survivor turned clinical psychologist, reminiscent of the great works of Anne Frank and Viktor Frankl. Reading it gave me goosebumps.

—Adam Grant, New York Times Bestselling author

THE CHOICE is number 1 on Adam Grant’s Fall 2017 list of books on Happiness & Resilience >>

The Power of Choice

Dr. Edith Eger, renowned trauma recovery therapist, speaker and new author, talks about harnessing the power of choice to free ourselves from past traumas and move forward in forgiveness. Learn about her heroic story of survival and inspiration by reading her new memoir, THE CHOICE: Embrace the Possible.

Larry King Interviews Dr. Edith Eger

In a remarkably candid interview, renowned psychologist and Holocaust survivor Dr. Edith Eger recounts her time spent at Auschwitz, why she returned to the camp years later, and how she was finally able to find forgiveness. Plus, Dr. Eger on growing nationalism in the US and abroad.

Full Episode:
Holocaust survivor Dr. Edith Eger on forgiveness & Auschwitz

Dr. Edith Eger remembers her time at Auschwitz

Holocaust survivor Dr. Eger: Forgiveness requires rage

Holocaust survivor Dr. Edith Eger on death

Holocaust survivor Edie Eger is worried about nationalism

The kindness Edie Eger experienced at Auschwitz

Prison of Our Own Mind

Dr. Edith Eger, renowned trauma recovery therapist, speaker and new author, talks about freeing ourselves from the prisons of our own minds. Learn about her heroic story of survival and inspiration by reading her new memoir, THE CHOICE: Embrace the Possible.

You’ve Got to Feel to Heal

Dr. Edith Eger, renowned trauma recovery therapist, speaker and new author, talks about the need to truly feel and experience memories in order to break through to healing and moving beyond the past. Learn about her heroic story of survival and inspiration by reading her new memoir, THE CHOICE: Embrace the Possible.

YOU are the mirror

Sometimes you must make the choice to dig deeper to find something worth reflecting.

Each of us can be a mirror of hope to someone else. In the despair of Auschwitz, Edith Eger was a mirror of hope and fortitude to her sister and countless others… She remains so today through her active psychology practice, speaking engagements, and her new memoir, THE CHOICE: Embrace the Possible.

‘Us’ vs. ‘Them’?

90-yr-old Holocaust survivor, educator, esteemed therapist and speaker, Edith Eger, shares her experience and advice about choosing ‘love over hate’ and embracing our perceived enemies. Does it have to be ‘Us’ vs. ‘Them’?

Based on the words and wisdom in Dr. Edith Eva Eger’s new memoir, THE CHOICE: Embrace the Possible.

El Paso Welcomes Edie with Open Arms

Edie speaking with guests

Dr. Eger’s successful book discussions and signings have continued, this time in El Paso, TX. With a long history in El Paso from her time at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Edie was thrilled to return to some of her roots in Texas.

book signing
Edie Personalizing a copy of The Choice

The Sunland Park Barnes & Noble loved having her, and she was introduced by Jamie Flores of the El Paso Holocaust Museum. Everyone loved hearing Dr. Eger speak and were buzzing with excitement at the chance to get their copies of The Choice personalized by the 90 year old psychologist.

fan line
Fans waiting to meet Dr. Eger
El paso fans
Edie with El Paso fans

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